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Teach-Make is a two-year teacher development project, delivered by Imagineer in partnership with University of Warwick, University of Central Lancashire and Highly Sprung.

Teach-Make follows on from work with teachers during The Imagineerium. It supports primary school teachers to use a more TAME approach in their classrooms. Teachers position children as responsible for their own learning and motivate them to want to find out more.

Teachers, imagineers and academic educators will develop their approaches to designing Schemes of Work and their skills in a range of making practices used across the arts and sciences. Seven new Schemes of Works will be created and then used in Coventry classrooms and shared with other teachers.

The Schemes of Work draw on the structure of the TAME, shaped by a shared commission developed by the teachers, and undertaken with an identified community of practice. In a series of workshops, imagineers explore with teachers how as maker-educators they use active and embodied approaches, use space differently and help children develop and reflect on their situated knowledge. Teachers work together and with imagineers to see how these might be used in the classroom.

We have been meeting as a whole group (both online and face-to-face) as well as in ‘ensemble’ groups of teachers and imagineers. We plan to introduce other classroom teachers in the West Midlands region to the TAME model and the schemes of work (SoW) produced, with the view of extending nationally in the future.

As a small-scale development project, Teach-Make is being extensively monitored and researched in order to develop the TAME model for use by and in schools.

We are grateful for the ongoing support of the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

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