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‘Milesians – Coming of the Gaels’ –  a large-scale outdoor performance with themes which still resonate today of migration, cultural identity, cultural co-existence and the ocean as the great connector. A celebration of the healing power of storytelling combining theatre, aerial circus skills, acrobatics and a stunning afro-celtic soundtrack.

The mystical tale started in Egypt with the healing of a child (bitten by a snake) and a prophesy that the child’s descendants would wander the earth for 400 years, before settling in a land with no snakes. The descendants – the Milesians, who were forced to migrate from Egypt through Africa and Europe, eventually reaching Galicia, Northern Spain. They set sail from Galicia and discovered the Island of Ireland occupied by the mythical, supernatural tribe of the Gods – the Tuatha Dé Danann where a mighty battle ensued.

Milesians was created by Imagineer’s Artistic Director Kathi Leahy – partnering with Felicity Simpson and
performers from Circolombia, Luka Owen and Rebel Manifesto Aerial, and Johnny Donnelly – Arcana.

The future plan is to take this Epic performance ‘Milesian’s – Coming of the Gaels’ on tour very soon.

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