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Jack Foulks is a young, local artist with Down’s Syndrome who has been working with Imagineer and our partners Open Theatre for a number of years. In that time, Jack has developed his project, Jack’s Frogs, which has grown substantially over the years.

Jack’s Frogs was dreamed up by Jack when he was told that the River Sherbourne in Coventry was to be uncovered. He imagined that when it was opened up, hundreds of frogs would leap out and hide around the city. Now, he is working to make that dream a reality.

Jack’s Frogs consists of many elements, including Leaping Frogs, Dancing Frogs, Frogs Cycle and currently in the explorative phase is Hidden Frogs.

Leaping Frogs is an Arts Council England-funded R&D project, looking into the possibility of making a sculptural piece of public art. Jack is working in collaboration with Creative Giants, artists Derek Lawrence and Brenda Buijis alongside Open Theatre and Imagineer Productions. We are exploring the possibilities around location, materials, and engineering and turning Jacks’ prototype into a large-scale piece of art.

The ambition for Leaping Frogs is to make a sculpture attached to the side of the Daimler Powerhouse, which sits alongside Coventry Canal, connecting the frogs back to water.

Dancing Frogs is being created as part of the Coventry City of Culture programme Show Windows. This piece will depict frogspawn and tadpole to froglet and frog, all dancing together in their shop windows, and it will invite people to visit, explore, film and dance along with the frogs in their many forms. It will also welcome people to share their engagement with the frogs on social media platforms using #JacksFrogs

Frogs Cycle is commissioned and supported by Unlimited, celebrating the work of disabled artists, with funding from Arts Council England and Coventry 2021 as part of the Green Futures programme. The project will explore the life cycle of a frog, culminating in a public exhibition in April 2022. Jack is currently working with Derek Lawrence and Brenda Buijis and they are exploring digital, physical, educational and app-based ways in which the ‘Frogs Cycle’ can engage the people of Coventry and showcase Jack’s version of the frogs’ cycle.

Finally, Jack dreams of creating Hidden Frogs – a trail that will lead visitors around the city, finding hidden frogs that can be moved to different locations throughout central Coventry.

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