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FLOW (Future Life of our Ocean’s Wealth)

FLOW is a project in three parts, created and led by Artistic Director Kathi Leahy and produced by Imagineer Productions with local, national and international partners. Flow is a 2021 City of Culture Project.

The activity began in September 2021 and culminates in April 2022 at the family-friendly event  Turning the Tide’ An Ocean Fair which will take place from Saturday 16th April through to Saturday 23rd April.


Working in partnership with Warwickshire Wildlife Trust and the Canal & Rivers Trust to reconnect young learners from Primary Schools in Coventry with Blue Spaces, develop environmental awareness exploring both the wealth and health of our waterways and oceans to co-create powerful performances and artwork which provoke action amongst their peer group and communities.

Project started with an Inspiration Day  – a full day of performance and outdoor learning with creative curriculum mapped activities exploring the oceans, water cycle and hydro power. An outdoor performance saw a ship sail into playgrounds carrying an important environmental message about how climate change and pollution is affecting our Oceans. The young learners were asked to join their crew to help spread this message and seek solutions and guide the crew back to the ocean.

Water Safari – young learners experienced a day of discovery along their local rivers and waterways testing the health of their water and uncovering the life it supports.

Imagineerium at the Daimler Powerhouse where the young learners engaged in a range of creative activities from sound creation and technology, collage work, movement and performance.

Co-creation  – young learners worked with artists for 6-weeks to imagine and co-create inspiring short performances and artwork which was then showcased in a two hour film called The Big Ocean Sharing.

The performances included:
An imaginary community living on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and the journey of two different plastic bottles and where they end up.
Exploring all the amazing things our oceans provide, including the oxygen we breathe, marine life, a means of transporting goods and people around the world.
How electricity is created through the use of fossil fuels and the impending threat of them running out and the impact of water pollution on communities who live by and depend on rivers.
Rising sea levels and how this would affect a group of people living on a small island. A letter is written to send across the ocean asking us to change the way we live before it is too late.
A beautiful fish guides the audience through the story the children devised about how to protect our oceans and the impact it has on our sea creatures.
Through movement and text, a young girl shares what her grandfather once told her would happen to our ocean and planet if we don’t act now.

The artwork pieces included:-
An art installation in the shape of a Tsunami wave made of recycled plastic.
A storyboard for a short film on ways to aid Ocean recovery.
Street art mural exploring the idea of water and ocean recovery.
Binaural sound installations take the listener on a journey about how extreme weather is causing global warming and educating the audience on our water cycle and how important this is in saving our planet.
Other binaural experiences take the audience to a peaceful sea or tell the story of a child living on an island in the South Pacific and how to respect the ocean.

The film of these performances and pitches to showcase their art installations was shared with the wider community at the ‘Big Ocean Day Sharing’ in early December. The artworks ideas devised by the children will then go onto form part of the culmination event of FLOW in April 2022.

Navigate is delivered by Imagineer in partnership with Warwickshire Wildlife Trust and Canal & Rivers Trust.


Due to the new COVID variant, this project (which was due to start in December 2021) has been postponed to early February 2022.

Therefore, we are delighted to announce that we are still looking for Young Environmental activists aged 14 years and above to work with a Creative Producer to be part of the programming and event group. You will collaborate with our Transformation programme of NEETS (16–25 year olds not in education, employment or training) to programme and deliver Turning the Tide’ An Ocean Fair. This will be a family-friendly event where audiences can experience the wealth of our oceans and the major threats it faces, and how we can all play a part in Ocean recovery. The event will include VR, sound, film, exhibition, performance and hands-on experiences. There will be a marketplace to have conversations with local, nationally and global environmental organisations to find out how to get involved in ocean recovery and take action in the #30×30 campaign.

‘Turning the Tide’ is delivered by Imagineer in partnership with Media Mania.

If you are interested in joining ACTIVATE please contact


‘Milesians’ – a large-scale, high quality outdoor arts spectacle combining art engineering, aerial, circus and theatre will tell the story of an ancient Celtic origin myth of the last invaders of Ireland. This is a tale with themes which still resonate today of migration, cultural identity, cultural co-existence and the ocean as the great connector.

The story starts in Egypt with the healing of a child (bitten by a snake) and a prophesy that the child’s descendants will wander the earth for 400 years, before settling in a land with no snakes. The descendants are the Milesians, who are forced to migrate from Egypt through Africa and Europe, eventually reaching Galicia, Northern Spain. They set sail from Galicia and discover the Island of Ireland occupied by the mythical, supernatural tribe of the Gods – the Tuatha Dé Danann and a mighty battle ensues.

Post-Show event from the African and Irish diasporas – A curated showcase of community music and dance collaborations and cultural fusions will take place on the set of Milesians after each performance.

Milesians will be created by Artistic Director Kathi Leahy with a cast of professional and community performers and emerging artists and delivered by Imagineer in Partnership with Circolombia and Johnny Donnelly

Download the Flow Project Programme.


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