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Imagineer, with independent artistic director Orit Azaz, present an ambitious public art project: Imagine Bamboo.

Artists, designers, engineers and communities from across the UK, and internationally, are coming together to explore the potential of bamboo – widely held to be the future sustainable building material for the planet.

During 2024, we Imagine Bamboo is Everywhere! We led an exciting link-up with Coventry University in January, are exploring bamboo creations as part of the Creative Explorers programme in Nuneaton and Bedworth, and are collaborating with NoFit State circus to create BAMBOO, a new outdoor touring circus theatre show.

In 2023, our work took us out across the UK. We built an ambitious Bamboo Arch Swing at Keele Green Festival, undertook Bamboo Circus R&D with NoFit State, led an epic bamboo collaboration across Liverpool City Region and made further strategic development with partners in industry, construction, government and universities. Work also began as part of the Creative Explorers programme in Nuneaton and Bedworth.

This video tells more about our work in Liverpool:

In 2022 we organised the Imagine Bamboo SummitTaking Root,  Imagine Bamboo Digital and Bridge2Bamboo R&D. This video tells our 2022 story:

Imagine Bamboo has evolved from Bridge, a major outdoor arts project that took place 2018-2021, which brought together people who wouldn’t normally meet.

Bamboo grows across the globe, including in the UK and Europe, and is widely held by a growing network of engineers, architects and activists to be ‘the future sustainable building material for the planet’ – we are excited by the potential to collaborate with people from across the world to exchange skills and ideas and create beautiful strong lightweight structures at a variety of scales.

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