The Harmony Project

The Harmony Project is about the joy of making things together, to create something greater than ourselves that binds us as one.

Imagine a giant, outdoor musical instrument, made from bamboo. This sound installation uses bamboo resonators to convey vibrations in the ground. Devised by Australian artists Cave Urban and built with local people, The Harmony Project evokes memories and otherworldliness, linking people back to the land and nature.

Imagineer and Cave Urban are delighted to be working together in partnership with The Hub at Hilltop on this community-built sound installation, devised with local people, exploring locally sourced bamboo, and arranged as a giant musical instrument.

Cave Urban is an artist collective based in Sydney, Australia. What excites them most about the Harmony Project is Imagineer’s dedication to placing it, quite literally, in the hands of the people, who will give it new life and meaning.

14-18 Sep