Something from Nothing Exhibition

Imagineer Productions’ Something from Nothing exhibition took place at the Daimler Powerhouse from the 16th to the 18th of September 2022.

This event was the result of a ten week long project where the young people of the Transformations group were tasked with curating an exhibition of their own work. They were encouraged to create artwork without a specific theme, giving them the freedom to create whatever they wanted – hence the title ‘Something from Nothing’.

Some of the work that was created was based on the development of existing personal passion projects that participants came to Transformations with, while participants without any prior ideas were encouraged and inspired by our team of creative staff to be able to come up with new ideas from ‘nothing’.

Work from previous projects in association with Imagineer were also on display at the event, such as the Bamboo Tipi from the Sensory Garden Exhibit known as ‘Bamboozled’ which was previously on display at the Imagine Bamboo Summit in July 2022. The exhibited work at the ‘Something from Nothing’ event ranged from paintings to photography to audio tracks and soundscapes.

It’s was also a great opportunity to visit the newly refurbished Daimler powerhouse during Heritage Open Days. Daimler has been transformed into to a creation centre for Coventry and is the home to five of Coventry’s independent arts companies – Imagineer Productions, Highly Sprung Performance Co.Talking BirdsOpen Theatre Company and Media Mania.