DUNDU – Sharing the Light

Sharing the Light was a free event by DUNDU that took place in Newdegate Square in Nuneaton Town Centre on the 26th of October 2022. This event was presented by NBBC, Imagineer & Global Streets.

DUNDU is an international German based company that perform with illuminated giant puppets in a walk about performance. DUNDU create illuminated large-scale puppets that have enthralled spectators worldwide. Though large in size, they are gentle creatures that glide between audience members with ease and grace, tickling fancies and chins along the way. The family at Dundu, through years of stellar craftsmanship, original live music, and finely- tuned puppeteering, bring a visual, interactive, mobile experience to Nuneaton. It is hard to describe the captivating nature of these glowing figures but when the lights light up in someone’s eyes, the puppets have achieved their goal – to instil a simple sense of wonder and togetherness in adults and children alike. The only thing larger than these giants are their hearts!

Image by Andrew Moore.