A Monday Morning Meeting Like No Other

Part of the Imagine Bamboo Summit Sponsored by A Monday Morning Meeting Like No Other took place at the Imagine Bamboo Summit, an event co-hosted by Andy Street (West Midlands Mayor) and Imagineer as part of the Birmingham 2022 Festival. This international summit explored the creative innovation and opportunities for UK-grown bamboo, which is globally recognised as one of the most […]

Imagine Bamboo Summit

Birmingham 2022 Festival presents a project by Imagineer Productions: The Imagine Bamboo Summit was a weekend of playful experimentation, as together we explored what extraordinary structures, stories and circus performance we could build, make and imagine with UK-grown bamboo – widely held to be one of the most sustainable materials on the planet.  Over the four days at the Imagine Bamboo […]

Turning the Tide – An Ocean Fair

Turning the Tide was a free family-friendly event where audiences experienced the wealth of our oceans, the major threats it faces and how we can all play a part in Ocean recovery. The event included VR, sound, film, exhibition, performance and hands-on experiences. There was a marketplace where conversations with local, nationally and global environmental […]

Milesians – The Coming of the Gaels

In partnership with Circolombia and Rebel Manifesto Aerial, Imagineer brings you a spectacle performance combining theatre, circus, aerial performance, and music telling the epic story of the Coming of the Gaels to Ireland. Milesians – The Coming of the Gaels – Is a tale with themes which still resonate today of migration, cultural identity, cultural co-existence […]

Sanctuary 2022

The giant wooden installation Sanctuary, reaching into the sky before the burn

In May 2022, a unique public memorial was built in by local community Bedworth, ‘the town that never forgets’ – birthplace of George Eliot and home to the country’s largest Armistice Day Parade. Sanctuary stood as an unforgettable temporary structure and space of healing, built by the local community tocommemorate the nation’s loss during COVID. […]