Imagine Bamboo Summit

Birmingham 2022 Festival presents
A project by Imagineer Productions:

Imagine Bamboo Summit
1-4 July 2022, FREE
Sunset Park, Alfred Knight Way, Birmingham B15 2BG

Join in a weekend of playful experimentation, as together we explore what extraordinary structures, stories and circus performance we can build, make and imagine with UK-grown bamboo – widely held to be one of the most sustainable materials on the planet. 

Be part of an epic international adventure, bringing together artists, craftspeople, growers and communities from the UK, India, Ghana, Malta, Australia and Bali, alongside performers and engineers from Nofit State, the UK’s leading contemporary circus theatre company. 

The Imagine Bamboo Summit is a free outdoor playground in an award-winning, city centre, neighbourhood park, presented by Imagineer Productions and independent artistic director Orit Azaz, in collaboration with Atelier One, BambooU, Rhizome Design, Ghana Bamboo Bikes and Nofit State.

The Imagine Bamboo Summit is free and open to everyone!

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