A Monday Morning Meeting Like No Other

Part of the Imagine Bamboo Summit

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A Monday Morning Meeting Like No Other took place at the Imagine Bamboo Summit, an event co-hosted by Andy Street (West Midlands Mayor) and Imagineer as part of the Birmingham 2022 Festival.

This international summit explored the creative innovation and opportunities for UK-grown bamboo, which is globally recognised as one of the most sustainable and versatile building materials. It was an amazing opportunity where we explored material innovations, shared knowledge and connected with those leading advancements in UK construction.

The Imagine Bamboo Summit was a cross-sector gathering that brought together international bamboo specialists alongside engineers – including Atelier One and Arup – plus construction specialists, architects, academics and environmental leaders from across the UK cultural sector.

The bamboo specialists included Hans Friederich (former Director General INBAR, Malta), Bamboo U (Bali) and Ghana Bamboo BikesRebecca Reubens (founding director Rhizome, India) and No Fit State Circus (UK). 

Since 2020, Imagine Bamboo creative director Orit Azaz and Imagineer have been building a network of bamboo specialists to test and experiment the materiality of bamboo and the wider implications for establishing a UK-grown bamboo industry.

The Imagine Bamboo Summit shared these results, prompting the Midlands and UK to ask – how can the potential for green innovation and growth be further unleashed?

This Monday Morning Meeting Like No Other event was part of a four day Imagine Bamboo Summit, working alongside local communities to shape liveable cities and our sustainable future.

The Imagine Bamboo Summit was presented in Sunset Park, a neighbourhood green space five minutes walk from Five Ways Railway Station. The Imagine Bamboo Summit was a World Bamboo Landmark Event.