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Founded in 2005, Imagineer make extraordinary outdoor and site-specific work at the intersection of art and engineering, environmental and social change.

Collaboration is at the heart of our work. Our projects bring together artists and creative thinkers with engineers, architects, educationalists and designers. We also partner with individuals and organisations from across sectors, including universities, commercial business, local authorities and other arts organisations. Working together in this way, we are able to seed new ideas and nurture brilliance.

Imagineer’s arts programmes are developed in parallel with community and education projects. We discover the ‘Imagineers’ of the future and create the conditions and the frameworks that allow them to flourish. Imagineer respects difference and we welcome diversity as a means to achieve greater creativity.

We understand that ambitious artistic programmes must be environmentally and financially sustainable. Imagineer operates a Leave No Trace policy. We are constantly learning about what this means in practice for our projects, and are willing to share our successes and failures so that other people can learn from our experiences.

Imagineer is made of a strong core team of experienced Creative Producers and Artistic Directors who develop their work within the distinctive vision and mission of the company.

Producers and creative collaborators work with the Chief Executive of the company and core administration, finance, operations and digital staff, who will help them to achieve their projects and to programme them at the best time them to achieve the best results.

Some projects take time to develop and grow through research and development activity, and will only be realised when they are ready.

Imagineer’s home is the newly transformed Daimler Powerhouse in Coventry.




Our Method



Imagineer Core Staff

Jane Hytch
Chief Executive (outgoing)

Angus MacKechnie
CEO & Creative Director (incoming)

Andrea Simpson
Finance Director

Matt Rheeston
Building Supervisor

Talia Smith
Company Administrator

Tayyaba Sadiq
Project Manager, Transformations

Sarah Jerrard-Dinn
Admin & Finance Officer, Transformations

Zaine Willmott
Supporting Artist, Transformations

Jordan Reading
General Assistant & Digital Curator

Current Freelance

Dave Long
Business Development Officer

Kathi Leahy
Associate Artistic Director & Producer

Orit Azaz
Collaborator & Artistic Director, Imagine Bamboo

Lou Lomas
Creative Producer, Imagine Bamboo and Creative Explorers

Stephanie Brown
Social Media Consultant

Helen Stallard
Marketing and Communications Consultant

Andrew Moore

John Leahy
Freelance artist, Monday Makers

Ella Clarke
Freelance artist, Monday Makers

Richard Davis
Co-Project Lead, Teach Make

Jo Trowsdale
Co-Project Lead, Teach Make

Transformations Freelance Staff

Anthony Greentree
Transformations Lead Artist

Roz Hall
Project Evaluator

Imagineer also employs over 90 freelance professional local, regional, national and international artists and practitioners each year.

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