#5GCreativeCov – Our Inspirations

As we progress on our #5GCreativeCov journey, we have taken a step back to sit and look through what inspired us to take the path we have decided to take. And better yet, let’s do a top five breakdown!

1. Our Imagine Bamboo Summit! https://imagineer-productions.co.uk/events/imagine-bamboo-summit/

The Imagine Bamboo Summit was an event that featured a weekend of playful experimentation, where we explored what extraordinary structures, stories and circus performance we can build, make and imagine with UK-grown bamboo. Bamboo is widely held to be one of the most sustainable materials on the planet. So, we thought why not use the opportunity to try and use platforms that are accelerated by 5G to connect people from all over the world in an online space where we can collaborate, educate and create. More on this to come.

2. World Bamboo. https://worldbamboo.net/

World Bamboo is a ‘diverse group consisting of individual people, commercial businesses, non-profit associations, institutions, and allied trade corporations that all share a common interest – bamboo!’

With #WorldBambooDay coming up on September 18th, we have drawn inspiration from this amazing organisation to do something based around this amazing day. Keep an eye on our socials to see what we will be getting up to.

3. Ashley James Brown

Ashley has been working closely with our team at Imagineer, educating us on the opportunities that can come from 5G and how we can best utilise it for our organisation. He really piqued our interest when it comes to using online platforms as a collaborative and communicative tool, connecting people from all around the world and from all walks of life. Ashley is currently helping us on a project which will be announced shortly. Check him out on LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/ashleyjamesbrown

4. Derek Lawrence

Derek Lawrence is a ‘building engineer with a passion for technology’ – and his work is very impressive. We have worked with Derek in the past and have had the privilege of experiencing his work with creating virtual 360° 3D sculptures. These sculptures work as an augmented reality experience, allowing you to place them in your real-world environment with generated perceptual information overlaid on top of it. Check him out on Twitter @arupderek

5. And our final inspiration – people!

We want to be able to create something to connect people from all around the world and from different backgrounds. A place for people with different areas of expertise to be able to share their knowledge and continue to educate. We are so excited to see how we can continue to grow our connections with this new technology.

And that is our top five! We can only imagine that as time goes on, that list will keep growing. Keep an eye on our socials to see what we will be getting up to, in the coming weeks.