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Our Mission

At Imagineer Productions, our mission is to deliver professional work that ignites creativity and community spirit in Coventry. Through pioneering outdoor arts production and engagement programmes that are accessible to everyone, we celebrate our city’s rich diversity with dynamic performances and participatory experiences that bring people together in joyous, creative and transformative events. 

We turn unexpected public spaces into vibrant cultural hubs, fostering pride of place and social cohesion. Our collaborations with amazing artists from various disciplines, integrating engineering and technology, push creative boundaries to inspire innovation and delight audiences with groundbreaking work – from giant puppets to musical extravaganzas to circus spectaculars. 

We are committed to building strong partnerships with local businesses and the wider Coventry community. Our development of the Daimler Powerhouse as an environmentally sustainable Creation Centre is set to become a beacon of good practice, benefiting Coventry and arts professionals across the country. 

At Imagineer, we fundamentally believe in the power of the arts to transform lives, foster connections, and make the extraordinary accessible to everyone. Join us in making the world a more imaginative, friendly and fun place, one performance at a time

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